Panel glide blinds

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Panel glide blinds.

Beautiful backdrops.

In homes and commercial settings across Perth, from Mandurah to Fremantle to Yanchep, panel glide blinds are being embraced as more than just a means of controlling light and privacy. They’re an elegant backdrop to any interior.

Our panel glide blinds are very much a design statement – an eye-catching backdrop available in a range of fabrics and colours, with patterns and styles sourced from Europe, Asia, US and Australia. A great choice for larger windows and patio doors, they stack neatly behind each other to allow maximum light into a room, yet provide complete privacy and control over light and glare. They can even be used as room dividers or screens to create intimate spaces.

Contact our consultants in Perth and Mandurah about our panel glide blinds and the versatility these contemporary window treatments offer. Or view the other blinds within our extensive range.